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June 2020 Update

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Departure date:

The coronavirus pandemic has adjusted our plans for departure. Our departure flights were canceled, and our airline will not be resuming normal operations until September 1. We have a voucher and are targeting mid-September for our departure. We continue to monitor news and government agencies in Ecuador for current entry requirements and information.

Coronavirus ministry opportunities:

We are reaching out to our nearby supporting churches seeking opportunities to minister with them. We just completed one such opportunity: a week of teen camp with Anthony Baptist Church (Jersey Shore, PA). I preached each morning’s devotional service and served as counselor for a room of teen guys. God worked mightily during this camp and many teens made life-changing decisions. It was a special blessing to see God break through the heart of one of the young men in my room.

We recently joined the morning service of our coworker’s church in Manta, Ecuador through Zoom. It was an encouragement to see the Ecuadorians meeting and worshipping together in this way.

We are continuing to serve in our sending church and are gearing up for this summer’s Vacation Bible School. In addition, we will be helping another supporting church run a youth outreach this coming August.

Family update:

We are enjoying additional time together with our extended families that our delayed departure has allowed. We visited the Ackeret side for a week in May. Since we live a few miles from Ashley’s parents and some of her siblings, we’ve spent several hours each week at their home. Ashley’s brother traveled from Missouri for a short visit with us this past weekend. Later this summer, we will be traveling out to Wyoming to visit Ashley’s sister.

Prayer Requests:

  • We have applied for Brooklyn’s passport. Please pray that the U.S. State Department will resume normal operations and issue her passport quickly.

  • Continued spiritual impact through ministry opportunities

  • Relaxed restrictions upon arrival in Ecuador; specifically, that Ecuador would not require a 14-day quarantine or a co

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