August 2021 Monthly Update

  • In our June prayer letter, we included a short story on L___, a needy lady in our neighborhood with whom Ashley has been working. L___ attended church for the first time this past Sunday. This was a huge encouragement to Ashley and a direct answer to your prayers. Thank you for praying specifically for this lady. L___ still needs to be saved, but we are thankful for how the Lord has been softening her heart.

  • Last month we asked you to pray that the Lord would lead us to “faithful men” (2 Timothy 2:2) as we seek His will for the location of our first church plant. The Lord may be answering this prayer through a young couple, S_______ and A____, that live in the city of Quito. I met them a few months ago through a faithful member of our church here in Manta. We have invited them to our home on Thursday (9/2). Please continue to pray for wisdom and clear direction from the Lord.

  • J_____, the young man who has been doing a Bible study with me, has begun attending the Bible institute classes that have started at the church. He has recently been bringing a friend, J_____, to the classes and services. J____ has shown some interest in a Bible study as well. Please continue to pray for our ministry with these two young men and their families.

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