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Monthly Update - August 2023

  • Ecuador has been experiencing some political instability for several months and held an election for all members of federal government (president and parliament). Though fraught with threats of violence, the election was peaceful, but no presidential candidate received enough votes to be declared the winner. A run-off will be held between the two leading candidates on October 15. Please continue to pray for peace and that the next president and leaders will continue to uphold religious freedom and morality.

  • Thank you for praying for our Vacation Bible School. We held this event over three days in a public park near our church. We had 25-30 children in attendance each day and many of their parents attended as well. We presented the Gospel each day along with a missionary story, craft time, games and snack. We have already had two families attend our services because of this outreach.

  • Mark’s brother, Daniel, visited us for 7 days. He was a great help during our vacation Bible school, and we enjoyed showing him the city of Quito, visiting the equator line, and hiking in the mountains outside the city.

  • This summer, we received multiple speaking and conference invitations, and we're grateful for God's blessings in each one. We're thankful for the chance to support various ministries in Ecuador through these opportunities. Among them, we attended a conference hosted by a sister church for missionaries and pastors, which greatly encouraged us through its preaching and fellowship.

Prayer Requests:

  1. "T" recently made some personal decisions that are affecting her spiritually and impacting her children. Pray that the Lord works in her heart and that she would be willing to make right choices.

  2. "E"and "D": Please pray for spiritual growth and regular attendance. This couple is a contact from our VBS and has been attending recently. They have given clear salvation testimonies. Pray with us that God continues to work in their heart.

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