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February 2023 - Monthly Update

  • February 12 marked one year since the Lord moved to Quito. Looking back, we see God’s faithfulness and hand on our ministry. When God called our family specifically to this city of over two million people and directed us to the neighborhood of the church, we only knew 2 people here. But with His help, we’ve been able make hundreds of contacts and He’s connected us to the community in ways we never thought possible. We began our church plant here evangelizing, preaching on a street corner, and holding services in our home. Since then, the Lord led us to a wonderful building and has built this church to an average attendance of over 30 on Sunday mornings.

  • Thank you for your prayers for Ecuador’s election. Please continue to pray for peace in Ecuador and that the new government leaders continue to uphold religious freedom. Nationwide protests are a constant threat and frequently turn violent. Those newly elected are from political parties that don’t uphold Biblical values.

  • Thank you for your prayers for our stewardship program and church membership. Our people are giving and 11 people have formally joined the church. We continue to present these topics carefully and biblically.

  • In February, Ecuador (and most Latin American countries) celebrates “Carnaval,” a four-day holiday based on the Catholic calendar. Celebrations are like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and allow for indulgence in wickedness prior to Lent. We carefully chose a location to evangelize and pass out flyers for our church. We are praising the Lord for 5 of our church people, in addition to our family, that helped us during this outreach. We handed out several thousand flyers and already have a new family of three attending our church after receiving an invitation during this time. Please pray that God will continue to use the tracts and flyers in hearts.

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