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December 2021 - Quarterly Prayer Letter

At midnight on December 24, most Ecuadorian families will sit down to a large, formal dinner of stuffed turkey, rice, and local produce. After the meal, they will place baby Jesus in the manger of their nativity set. Many will attend a midnight mass at their local Roman Catholic parish. Christmas day is celebrated by opening gifts, visiting family, and eating another big meal.

We’ve found Christmas to be a wonderful opportunity to reach out to many who would be normally closed to spiritual things. This year, we gave out cookie tins, food baskets, and small gifts to friends that we have made in the community. Each gift had a gospel tract with it and allowed us to share the reason we love to celebrate Christmas: Jesus Christ.

Ministry in Quito

Thank you for praying regarding our recent ministry trip to the city of Quito. We spent one morning in street evangelism, handing out small “goodie bags” and a Christmas-themed gospel tract. We ran out of our materials very quickly and had several good conversations. We focused on the area where we plan to start a church and are praising the Lord that we were received very well.

We also took a day to look for a rental home. The Lord directed us to a house that meets our needs. We signed a contract to rent it beginning in January. We’re excited to be moving there in about a month.

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray as we transition to church planting in Quito. We need wisdom with all the decisions involved. Pray for traveling safety as we make the trips necessary to move. Pray for protection of our possessions as they are transported to the new house.

  2. Please pray that the Lord will lead us to the white harvest in Quito and prepare hearts to receive the Gospel.

  3. Pray for grace as we say good-bye to the many that we’ve come to know and love here in Manta.

Christmas gift and card with the Gospel on the back for our outreach in Quito

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