February 2021 Monthly Update

Updated: Sep 21

1. We are feeling much more comfortable here in life and ministry. Thank you for your prayers for quick and smooth adaptation to Ecuador. We have continued our daily language classes, and these are making a big difference for us.

2. Please continue to pray for our Spanish teacher, Alberto. Ashley was able to share the gospel with him during one of her classes.

3. I preached for the first time since moving here to Ecuador. Our church had a Saturday men’s meeting and the Lord led me to the book of Daniel to apply some truths from his life. The Lord blessed the message, and I enjoyed the practice of preparing and preaching in Spanish.

4. Brooklyn has contracted a tropical virus (not Covid-19 related). We are working through the treatments given by her doctor here. Her body does seem to be fighting it well. We ask for your prayers for a full and quick recovery and that it would not spread to the rest of us.

5. Yordan attended church again this past Sunday. Thank you for your continued prayers for him. He brought his friend, Giovanni, and son, Fernando.

6. We have been trying to obtain our Ecuadorian driver’s licenses but are having issues getting the paperwork accepted. We can drive using our international and Pennsylvania licenses until March 24. Please pray that we can receive the right paperwork and that it is accepted here quickly.

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