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January 2021 Monthly Update

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

  • We are praising the Lord for His help in our Spanish classes. We are making steady progress and are thankful for the opportunity to spend the structured, daily time learning the language. Our Spanish teacher, A------, recently visited our home for lunch with his wife. He is a nominal catholic, but we have had nearly daily opportunities to discuss spiritual things through our classes.

  • I have continued Bible studies with Y-----. Earlier this month, he invited our family over for a traditional Christmas meal. We spent some time before the meal going through our Bible study for that week. Y----- had also invited his brother, T----, to participate. T--- is eager to continue studying. We enjoyed being invited over to an Ecuadorian home; a dinner invitation to a home is not very common in this culture.

  • We’ve enjoyed opening our home to friends and neighbors. Despite the coronavirus restrictions, we’ve been using hospitality to build relationships with those around us. Please pray for the salvation of the three men mentioned above: Y-----, T---, and A------.

  • Continue to pray for churches to be able to meet freely here in Ecuador. Our local church began Sunday School this month and received permission to begin singing during the services. However, children and those 65+ are still not allowed to attend. We are also still limited to meeting only once on Sunday. For our family, we have not been able to attend church together since moving to Ecuador; we long for the opportunity.

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