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January 2023 - Monthly Update

  • New Years Eve reminded us again how big of a holiday this is in Ecuadorian culture. Our neighbors stayed up well past midnight celebrating with special dinners, fireworks, and many cultural traditions to bring good luck in the new year. We held our Sunday morning services as normal and began presenting our church theme for 2023 from Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.”

  • Through the month of January, I preached on biblical stewardship. We are starting our budget and stewardship program this coming Sunday, February 5. Please pray with us that our church people would take the important step of beginning to give to support the church financially.

  • We are excited to see God continue to build up this local church and establish our core group of believers. Our attendance remains steady as the Lord brings new visitors nearly every week. I have been conducting interviews with families and individuals who have inquired about church membership.

  • We have found that church membership and biblical stewardship are delicate topics in Quito’s culture. The prosperity gospel and the charismatic movement’s influence on broader evangelicalism has left a few of our attenders injured from extreme views. Please pray for grace and patience on our part to teach these things biblically and for discernment and healing for those affected by previous misuse and abuse of church finances or membership requirements.

  • Ecuador is holding local and provincial elections this Sunday, February 5. Please pray for well-attended worship services and that those elected would uphold our complete ability to minister spiritually in this country.

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