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June 2022 - Prayer Letter

Answers to prayer

  • Soul saved: Last month we asked for prayer for a lady named Sandra. A few days after we sent out that request. Sandra got saved! It was so encouraging to see God answer your prayers almost immediately. Additionally, it was encouraging to see God using our people to reach others. Sandra is a coworker of one of the men in our church. He had the privilege of leading her to the Lord after our Thursday evening bible studies.

  • Church attendance: God continues to bring visitors every week to our Sunday morning service. We praise the Lord for consistent growth and faithfulness of our regular attenders.

  • Permanent residency: We applied and were granted permanent residency earlier this month. This allows us to stay in Ecuador indefinitely without any further visa paperwork. The Lord helped us obtain all the necessary documents and gave us favor with the government officials.

Church inauguration service

We have been working hard inviting and advertising our church’s inaugural service. It is to be held this coming Sunday, July 3. Please be in prayer for this event.

Civil unrest

At the time of this letter, indigenous groups have been protesting for over two weeks. These groups are very violent and have crippled the nations economy and collapsed the transportation system. Please pray that hearts of all those involved will be turned to the Lord.

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