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March 2022 - Quarterly Prayer Letter

Soul Saved

A few weeks ago, I received a message from a missionary friend in Colombia. A young man from his church, Mauricio, was visiting family in Quito, Ecuador. I got in touch with this young man and invited him to participate in our Bible studies and services. Mauricio brought his friend, Alexander, to our Bible study time on Wednesday. Alexander was searching and readily accepted the Lord as his Savior during our time together. He is our first convert here in Quito and has been helping us during our street preaching outreaches and has continued to attend our Bible study time. The following week, Mauricio brought Neci, Alexander, and Claudio to the Bible study. Though Mauricio has since returned to his home in Colombia, we are thankful for the help and contacts he sent our way.

Mark, Alexander, and Mauricio

New Building

Over the past few weeks, we have been searching for a meeting place within the neighborhoods we have been ministering. We have placed a deposit and are finalizing the lease terms on a storefront in a prime location. We are grateful for the Lord’s help in locating the property and look forward to setting it up over the next few weeks.

Prayer Requests

  • Spiritual growth for Alexander

  • Salvation of Neci, Claudio, Michel, Flor, and Estefania

  • New contacts, salvation decisions, and personal safety during street preaching and other outreaches

  • Wisdom as we finalize the contract, set up the church building, and begin inviting for services

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