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November 2020 Monthly Update

  • Many have asked for our mailing address in Ecuador. Unfortunately, Ecuador has permanently closed its mail service. We recommend sending any physical mail to our sending church or mission board. Both will scan the item and send us a picture or pdf of the received mail. Their contact information is listed on our home page. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We really appreciate your efforts to correspond with us and other missionaries. You can also contact us through text message, email, WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger. We check the U.S. phone number listed in our contact information regularly for new messages or missed calls.

  • Thank you for praying for Y-----. I started a weekly Bible study with him and have completed two lessons so far. Please continue to pray for his salvation.

  • Ashley has been able to make friends with several neighbor ladies and kids in our community. One girl in particular, L------, has been very friendly with her and our children. We are praying for L----- to be saved and further opportunities with her family.

  • Our container was delivered to our home on Saturday, November 7. We had a team of 15-20 people from the church to help us unload it. It took only a few hours to get everything in the house. Many stayed longer to help us begin unpacking and setting up furniture. We are thankful for your support and the many offerings to our outfit and passage fund through deputation that covered the shipping costs.

  • Our language school starts on Monday, November 30. Ashley and I will both be taking two hours of classes each weekday. Pray for wisdom and smooth progress as we focus on Spanish learning.

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