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October 2018 Update

Updated: Sep 21, 2021


Last quarter we wrote that we had about 27 Sundays left to fill for next year. God has answered your prayers: we have only 8 remaining weeks to fill! Our next available Sunday is in mid-August of next year and we already have a missions conference tentatively scheduled for 2020.

It’s been very exciting to now be in full-time ministry. This is what I’ve felt God called me to in fourth grade, what I trained for in Bible college, and what I’ve longed to do for most of my life. I am so grateful for God’s leading and direction in my life!

Singing with other missionaries during a recent conference

New Support

Our meetings this past quarter went very well. We had one additional church that voted to support us. Our current support level is just over 23%.

Prayer Requests

  • A few weeks back, a lady came forward and got saved during the invitation after I preached. I checked in with her Pastor to see how she was doing. She is making good steps forward but has a long road of tough decisions she needs to make. Pray for the spiritual growth of Olivia.

  • Please pray for safety as we travel this quarter. We have an intense 6-week conference circuit starting September 30th.

  • Pray for Weston to handle the long hours in his car seat and to stay healthy as we travel to many churches.

  • We have heard of a few churches that are voting on the possibility to support us for their new budget year. Please pray that God would put the right team of prayer and financial supporters together


October 1st - 3rd: Thompson Road Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN

October 7th: Ann Arbor Baptist Church, Ann Arbor, MI

October 8th - 10th: BWM Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL

October 14th: Landmark Baptist Church, Clio, MI

October 15th – 17th: Crosspointe Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN

October 21st – 22nd: Faith Baptist Church, Warren, MI

October 24th – 28th: Crossroads Baptist Church, Columbus, NC

October 31st – November 4th: Calvary Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL

November 7th: Bible Baptist Church, Hilton Head, SC

November 11th: Westside Baptist Church, Augusta, GA

November 18th: Bible Baptist Church, Benton, PA

November 25th: Calvary Fellowship Chapel, Mercer, PA

November 28th: Calvary Baptist Church, Elkins Park, PA

December 2nd – 3rd: Woodcrest Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

December 16th: Maranatha Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

December 30th: Maranatha Baptist Church, Reading, PA

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