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October 2022 - Monthly Update

  • In 2020, a Christian, Venezuelan man living in Quito began asking the Lord to lead him to a Baptist church nearby his home with sound doctrine, conservative music, and pastored by a foreign missionary. He prayed faithfully for over two years. One afternoon, while riding the bus line that passes our church, he looked out the window of the bus and saw our church sign. The next Sunday, he brought his family to our services. Through the preaching, fellowship, and our personal conversations with them, the Lord confirmed that our church was the answer to his specific prayers. H__________ and his family have been faithfully attending for just over 3 months. Looking back, he began praying just about the time we arrived in Ecuador. The Lord uniquely led us to Quito and provided the location of our church building, all while simultaneously strengthening this brother’s faith and directing his path to find our church. We serve a miracle-working God who still answers prayer!

  • This month, we held our first men’s meeting. It was a special time of preaching and fellowship among the men of the church. We are thankful for the opportunity to impact leaders of homes and communities. Our prayer is that as we disciple these men, they would become effective in church leadership and ministry.

  • We have been encouraged to see our people get involved in simple ministry tasks such as church cleaning as well as the larger ministry responsibilities of evangelism, teaching, and song leading. We have many volunteers for a small Christmas program we are planning. We are praising the Lord for the desire of our people to serve the Lord.

  • Prayer Requests:

    1. Continued spiritual growth in the lives of R_______, N_____, E_____, and A_____

    2. Souls saved through our weekly outreach and evangelism

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