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Quarterly Prayer Letter - June 2021

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

L____ is a single mother of three. The stories of her youth and early adult years are heartbreaking. She carries pain from years of abuse from others and the consequences of her own sinful choices. We met L____ a few months ago because she lives nearby. We have befriended her and are seeking to show her Christ’s love.

In our neighborhood, L___, as a single mom, is not unique. The heartbreak and emptiness that sin causes are a continual reminder of why God has called us to Ecuador. Would you consider praying for L___ and praying for us as we share the glorious Gospel of Christ to these needy people?

Answers to Prayer

God is answering your prayers for our transition to life and ministry in Ecuador. Our language classes are going well. As a result, we have begun taking survey trips to nearby cities and towns and are seeking the Lord’s will for our first independent church plant.

Thank you for praying regarding Ecuador’s presidential election. There has been a smooth transition of power.

Life at 0° Latitude – Ashley’s perspective

Some of you may wonder what kind of food is available in the grocery stores of other countries. Here in Manta, we are fortunate to have a modern, well-stocked supermarket where I do most of our shopping. I’m thankful that I can find almost all basic ingredients, but the one category of food that is missing is the “convenience food” that we can buy in the U.S. (prepackaged, instant, frozen, etc.) More and more often, however, imported goods are becoming available. Then I ask myself, “Is it worth double or triple the price?” If so, “Buy it when you see it… you better get two. It’s likely that it won’t be here next week.” I enjoy cooking for my family, and I’m grateful that we can have nearly all the dishes that we have always enjoyed!

Prayer Requests

· Salvation of L___; continued impact in homes around us

· Boldness to present the Gospel to our friends and contacts

· Please pray for wisdom and an open door for a new church plant

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