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September 2021 - Quarterly Prayer Letter

Our First Year

We arrived in Ecuador on September 24, 2020. Practically, we have grown accustomed to culture and life here. Our language classes have taken us to an advanced level in Spanish. Spiritually, we have seen the Lord refine and strengthen us as culture shock, spiritual attacks, and trials continue to bring us to the Throne of Grace in our times of need. We are grateful for the Lord blessing our ministry through discipleship, preaching opportunities, community evangelism, and relationships built in our neighborhood. It truly has been a blessing to serve the Lord as His ambassadors in Ecuador.

Answers to Prayer

We’re thankful for recent opportunities to share the Gospel with our Spanish teachers, neighbors, and friends. We’ve been encouraged by seeing visitors attending church, especially some of our neighbors. Thank you for praying for our ministry. We have been seeking God’s will for the location of our first church plant. We have heard of a need in the city of Quito. We plan to take a survey trip there in two weeks. Please continue to pray for wisdom and clear direction from the Lord.

Life at 0° Latitude – Ashley’s perspective

Playdates in the park, sharing a coffee together, working together in the kitchen to learn how to make traditional Ecuadorian food, and cleaning the house together: God has led me to create all these opportunities and through them, I’ve established good friendships with five different unsaved ladies. Through our time together, I’ve been blessed to receive not only valuable cultural and language acquisition, but also share about the love of Christ. Would you pray with me that the relationships that we are building would result in these ladies and their families coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom and an open door for a new church plant, specific direction regarding the city of Quito

  • Salvation of some of our friends with whom we are working: L____, E_____ & M____, J____, and A_____

  • Continued spiritual growth for J_____

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