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We have arrived!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

We arrived to our city of Manta, Ecuador, this past Friday (9/25). We were greeted by our coworkers, Sid and Susie Messer, and many of their church families. We had a delay in New York City, but no issues with any other flights. Our visa and coronavirus test paperwork were accepted, and we are able to move freely without any quarantine. Weston and Brooklyn traveled well, even with the long flights and schedule.

First Sunday Service:

Manta’s mayor has required all churches to register and comply with certain coronavirus restrictions. The Messer’s church plant, Iglesia Bautista El Faro (Lighthouse Baptist Church), has received the necessary paperwork, but is limited to meeting once per week for no more than forty minutes. Services may not have singing or children in attendance. Our family’s plan is to alternate each week; one of us will stay home with the kids while the other attends the service. We’ll participate in the church’s midweek prayer meeting through Zoom.

Family update:

We have unpacked and are settled into our furnished apartment. It is located across the street from our coworker’s home in a small complex with other rental units. Our neighbors are very friendly and this has given good opportunities to practice our Spanish. Weston has enjoyed playing with the neighbor girl, Safia, and her little dog, Max.

Our container is scheduled to arrive on October 18. When it is released from customs, we will unload it and move to our rental home a few minutes away from where we live now.

Prayer Requests:

• Acclimation and adaptation to Ecuadorian food, culture, language, and climate

• Unhindered ministry opportunities

• Removal of coronavirus restrictions on churches in Ecuador

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